Introduction to Products


  • Sapphire, SiC, GaN
  • LT, LN


  • Adoption of 2 Heads With High Rigidity
    The machine corresponds toφ4inch, φ6inch, φ8inch wafers. φ200mm or φ300mm grindstones are available for this machine. The machine also has a precise in-process gauge (non-contact in-process gauge as an option).
  • High Rigidity Machine
    The high rigidity machine can grind hard and brittle material like SiC, LT/LN, GaN, and sapphire. The machine will grind with heavy load, which leads to less grinding time, higher accuracy, and long life of grind stones.
  • Non-Dress
    Realized longer life of grindstone and shorter grinding time, by using non-dress grindstone
  • Easier Operation
    The machine uses graphical user interface (GUI) which is user-friendly, and flexible data setting is available.
  • Eco-Friendly
    Smaller motor capacity by using servo-motor, which also means less irregularity of spinning that leads to stabilization of grinding face.
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