Introduction to Products

ATRM-2500UV Protective tape removal machine (Tapeless removal machine)


  • Contributes to production cost reductions because conventional removal tape is not required.
  • Operator workload is reduced since no need to replace the removal tape.
  • Needle height control by our unique technology eliminates the risk of the  wafer damage. Also, the needle height can be controlled by a recipe according to wafer thickness.
  • Applicable to thin wafers of 100 µm thickness and warped wafers.
  • Unlike adhesive or welded removal methods, the tape is mechanically chucked and removed, reducing tape compatibility problems.
  • Even when removal with needle is not acceptable, the conventional removal tape mechanism is also available. *Conventional removal tape mechanism is available as standard.
  • Capable of handling conveyance along the workpiece, such as non-contact hand, etc. (Option)
  • TAIKO wafer can be handled. (Option)
  • Built-in UV irradiator can be mounted. (Option)