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1.Policies and Practices Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

1-1 Basic policy

TAKATORI Corporation (“TAKATORI”) respects personal information and is deeply aware that the data are important to maintaining privacy, and when handling personal information in the course of business activities, respects personal rights and privileges by having all directors and employees comply with the laws of Japan as well as internal company regulations stipulated to safeguard personal information in order to live up to the trust and expectations of TAKATORI as well as its corporate responsibilities.

1-2 Handling of personal information

(1) Collection of personal information

When TAKATORI collects personal information from a customer, we identify the purpose of the use for that information and obtain the customer's consent concerning said use.

(2) Use of personal information

TAKATORI does not use personal information for any purpose other than that for which it received consent.

(3) Disclosure and provision of personal information with third parties

TAKATORI neither discloses nor provides personal information to third parties unless we receive the consent of the customer or we receive a legal request from a government agency or judicial body or it is required by law. Furthermore, if we do disclose or provide personal information to a third party, we stipulate the protection of that personal information with the third party and assure the protection of that personal information.

(4) Measures to keep personal information secure

TAKATORI maintains internal company regulations and has put reasonable security measures in place to protect personal information collected from the customer from being leaked, destroyed, modified or illegally accessed.

(5) Inquires from customers concerning personal information

TAKATORI runs a customer service center to answer any questions concerning the handling of personal information. Furthermore, if TAKATORI receives a request from a customer to check, revise or update as well as delete or stop the use of the personal information that we maintain, we will do what is necessary to the extent deemed reasonable.

2. Provisions Regarding Public Announcement of the Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

2-1 Utilization purpose of personal information

TAKATORI uses personal information collected from customers for the business activities stated below as well as within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of that use. Furthermore, we obtain the consent of the customer at the time in order to use personal information for reasons other than the purposes stated below. We do not use it for purposes beyond the scope of the purposes of use without receiving the prior consent of the customer.

[Business activities] Items related to electric equipment manufacturing equipments
  • Carry-in, installation and adjustment of the electric equipment manufacturing equipments
  • Repair, modification and overhaul service
  • Development and sales of original electric equipment manufacturing equipments
  • Manufacturing, sales and repair of maintenance parts
  • Coordination at new equipment installation in customers
  • Business in company constitution and its associated business
[Purposes of use]
  • To promote and sell the products (including product stock) and various services of TAKATORI and partners as well as to introduce their services;
  • To confirm the identity of customers or their authorized representatives;
  • To perform administrative work related to transactions with customers (including sales and installation as well as administrative work involving charges and payments);
  • To conduct new product development as well as marketing activities for services;
  • To properly conduct processing of personal information for business purposes in whole or in part as consigned by a third party;
  • To manage customer and product information;
  • To conduct business related to investors relations with TAKATORI.
  • To conduct business related to recruitment within TAKATORI;
  • To conduct business related to purchase and procurement activities; and
  • To properly and satisfactorily execute other transactions with customers.

2-2. Shared use

TAKATORI may share use of personal information, within the limits of the purposes of use stated above, with its affiliates, joint research sites, special agents, etc. In these cases, we will notify the customer of that fact when the information is collected. Furthermore, the information that is collected and shared is considered to be the same as information collected by TAKATORI, and TAKATORI accepts responsibility for its management.

2-3 Providing personal information to third parties

TAKATORI shall properly manage customer personal information and shall not provide it to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the customer. However, this is with the exception of the following:

  • If TAKATORI discloses information to a business trustee or business partner which has executed a confidentiality agreement with TAKATORI within the scope deemed necessary to accomplish a goal made explicit to the customer;
  • If personal information is transferred to the successor following the succession of a business due to a merger or other reasons;
  • If it is used as statistical data after being processed to make the customer unidentifiable;
  • If it is required by laws and regulations; or
  • If it is necessary in order to protect the life, physical health or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.

2-4 Changing the purposes of use for personal information

TAKATORI shall notify the customer or announce changes to the purposes of use if the publicly announced purposes of use have been changed.

3.Provisions Regarding the Procedures for a “Request for Disclosure, etc.”

3-1 Identification, modification, revision and suspension of personal information provided to Takatori

In case a customer requests disclosure related to his/her personal information (“Disclosure”), please contact the window described in the clause 5.

3-2 Takatori identifies the customer and checks the personal information of the customer, handle it as necessary, and send the results to the customer in a response letter.

3-3 We only use the personal information collected for the request for Disclosure, etc. within the scope necessary for the request for Disclosure, etc. The documents that are submitted will be saved for an appropriate amount of time after they are received and then destroyed.

3-4 If any of the following reasons applies, the information will not be disclosed. If it is decided that the information will not be disclosed, notification to that effect will be given to the customer.

  • If the requested information for Disclosure does not fall under the category of “held personal data” set forth in “Personal Information Protection Law” in Japan;
  • If there is a risk that the life, physical health, property or other rights or privileges of the customer or a third party may be harmed; or
  • If such disclosure will pose significant harm to the appropriate conduct of the business of TAKATORI.

4.Measures for Secure Management of Web Site Information

TAKATORI's handling of personal information collected on TAKATORI's web site or through user registration essentially follows the provisions above, and in particular in accordance with the following provisions.

  • We manage and maintain personal information using a strict management system, and are making efforts to strengthen security so that customer information is not lost, destroyed, modified or leaked to third parties.
  • TAKATORI' web site includes services that require customers to register personal information. This information will only be used to enable us to offer the corresponding service(s).
  • On TAKATORI' web site, there are pages that use technology called “Cookies” to make it more convenient when customers access the site again. “Cookies” is a globally standard technology that allows a server to recognize a customer's computer. “Cookies” can recognize the customer's computer but cannot recognize a customer unless the customer enters personal information.

5.Provisions Regarding Inquiries about “Personal Information”

Inquires about customer personal information, requests for Disclosure as well as complaints can be directed to the General Affairs Service Department below.

313-1 Shindo-cho, Kashihara City, Nara 634-8580, Japan
Takatori Corporation
General Affairs Department
Tel: +81-744-24-8580


This Privacy Policy applies to personal information held by TAKATORI Co., Ltd. in Japan only, and shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan. The District Court of Nara, Japan shall have jurisdiction over all claims arising hereunder or in connection with the subject matter hereof.

Takatori Corporation
October 10, 2010


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