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Terms of Service

Thank you for using the website of Takatori Corporation ("TAKATORI"). TAKATORI will provide various kind of information providing service concerning TAKATORI based on the following rules. We will assume using this website represents your agreement to be bound by the rules.

1.Offered Service

This website offers various kind of information about TAKATORI. Please note that TAKATORI cannot warrant the information and the service provided in the website and the result brought by accessing this website, although we take meticulous care to the information and the service provided.

2.Use of this Website

TAKATORI permits the users to use this website as long as they do not download or change any part of this website. (However, the download service that TAKATORI offers and the service including downloading are permitted). In case of using the content of the website exceeding this limit, such user should apply to TAKATORI for such use and acquire the permission in writing from TAKATORI. Moreover, any act leading to misunderstanding and misconduct, defamation and offensive to public order and morals are prohibited.


Any copyright or intellectual property in the contents that TAKATORI offers in this website is not transferred to the user, and belongs to TAKATORI or the third party who has legitimate right. The users are granted the right to use the website in accordance with the acceptable use policy and contents license terms of each service. The copyright of the copyrighted work (article, photographs and illustrations) in this website attribute to TAKATORI or third parties and the works should not be utilized (reproduction, transmission, distribution, transfer and adaptation etc) beyond the purpose of private use.


The names of our products are registered trademark or trademark of TAKATORI. The names of other companies’ products are their registered trademark or trademark.


TAKATORI might utilize proposal, idea, concept, opinions, and feedback, etc ("Proposal") given by customers according to the line suggested. We consider the customers had approved the following respects and sent the proposal. Moreover, we handle the personal information in accordance with the separately specified privacy statement.

1.TAKATORI is not responsible for keeping the confidentiality of the proposal.
2.TAKATORI is not responsible for examining, evaluating and adopting the proposal.

TAKATORI does not take any responsibility including compensation payment in case all or a part of the idea that TAKATORI developed is similar to the one that the customer developed.


In this website, to protect customer's individual information, the technology called "SSL" is adopted. With SSL-enabled browser, the private information that customers input such as names, addresses and telephone numbers etc are to be coded during transmission. In case the browser is not SSL-enable, all or parts of the service in this website may not be able to be used.

7.Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction

This website and the utilization of this website are subject to the laws of Japan. Any dispute relating to the use of this website falls under the jurisdiction of Nara District Court.

8.Revision of Use Condition

TAKATORI might change the use condition on this website without previous notice. Please confirm latest information whenever you use it.

9.Inquiries for Use Condition

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